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A personal care assistant is there for seniors or elderly individuals who have difficulty doing daily activities. Whether it is due to some chronic disease or severe health condition, sometimes an individual needs extra care and personal treatment in the comfort of their home. Taking care of the elderly and how they manage their daily activities is essential. A personal care assistant focuses on your physical needs and looks up to your emotional, cognitive, and behavioral well-being.

The personal care worker at First Home Health Care, Inc is here to provide the optimum care to the senior citizens. With our services, you don’t have to worry about the seniors at your home. We have experts who are friendly with the elders and provide them care with extra comfort. Moreover, our experts will ensure you the best service at an affordable price. Continue reading to know more about our services.

What Is Included In The Physical Care Services Package?

We have a lot of services in our personal care services package. Our experts will take care of the elders and seniors at your home and provide them with top-class physical and mental care. We offer assistance in many daily activities. Bathing is one of the toughest tasks for seniors with severe physical health conditions. We offer bathing in our package, along with dressing and grooming.

Moreover, the seniors also face difficulty in eating on their own. Their hand might shake and can’t bend towards the mouth. Hence, we also offer to feed the elders.

Our care provider will help the senior citizens in many activities, from bathing to walking. The elders need to walk a few meters every day. There are walkers available for seniors, and our experts will help them walk without any issues. We will also help them enjoy the day by helping them with various activities like gardening, cooking, and passing the day happily. 

Why Choose Our Personal Care Assistant?

A personal care assistant will help keep your loved ones happy and healthy at home. If you are away from home and have no reliable member who can take care of your elderly, you can rely on First Home Health Care, Inc services. Here are some top exquisite reasons why you should choose our services.

  • We help the elderly at your home have a happy day and do daily activities easily. Our experts will ensure to take care of your loved ones to their full potential.
  • Our personal care worker is friendly and provides the most comfort to the elders. We know how essential it is to make your seniors feel safe and secure. With our friendly staff, you don’t have to worry about it.
  • From bathing, brushing, grooming, dressing, feeding, and transferring, our staff will ensure to fulfill every daily task required to be taken care of. 
  • You can hire our personal care provider at an affordable rate. We offer cost-efficient services with quality staff to make your loved ones feel comfortable. 
  • We help improve the physical health of your loved ones by taking care of their mental, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive well-being.

Get The Best Personal Care Services With Our Experts!

Taking care of your loved ones is your priority while away from home. You must ensure that your loved one is in excellent condition and surrounded by qualified and reputed caretakers. Moreover, First Home Health Care, Inc., personal care assistant, will remove all your worries. Contact us today to know more about our services or to avail of our personal care experts.