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Occupational therapy is intended to restore independence in all facets of the lives of individuals of all ages with physical, sensory, or cognitive issues. Occupational therapists working with children strive to pinpoint where delays or restrictions are observed, particularly in fine motor abilities, cognitive skills, social development, and self-care routines. Pediatric occupational therapy supports the development of the fine motor, sensory, and visual motor abilities that kids need to function and interact with others while also assisting them in becoming more independent.

How Is Occupational Therapy Beneficial For Kids?

Occupational Therapy supports children’s daily activities, enhances their academic performance, and helps them play. Additionally, it increases their sense of accomplishment and self-worth. With our occupational therapy, children can

  • Learn how to use their fine motor abilities to hold and release toys, write clearly, or use a computer.
  • Boost hand-eye coordination so they can play and perform essential school tasks like batting a ball and copying from a blackboard.
  • They can learn beneficial actions and social skills by practicing how to control their annoyance and anger.
  • Learn how to care for themselves, bathe, dress, brush teeth, and eat.

When evaluating a child’s present play, academic, and daily skills, our professionals of pediatric occupational therapy at Yardley PA compare what is developmentally suitable for that age group. Then they make a customized plan to treat them. 

Why Choose Our Occupational Therapy Services? 

If you find delays in the fine motor skills of your child or cognitive delay like problem-solving skills, then reach out to us. Our therapists help develop visual motor skills such as tracking an object and hand-eye coordination.

The wide range of conditions that may impact your child’s overall development can be addressed by our experts in pediatric physical and occupational therapy. Our child’s pediatric physical therapist will develop a strategy for maximizing their potential based on the kind and severity of their condition. We are equipped with many specialized features designed for the treatment of children.

Get In Touch With Expert Occupational Therapists!

If your child has symptoms that require occupational therapy, then reach out to us! Our trained staff does all they can to treat your child to be as successful as possible. We use a variety of strategies to treat children who need an occupational therapist. Contact us to know more about our pediatric occupational therapy !