For old age people, living alone is challenging. They may need assistance to do simple tasks in their daily lives. Indeed, elders are benefitted from home health care services in one way or another. The services are provided by a personal caregiver or medical professional who visits the person’s residence to render service. 

With home health care services, elders have professional and skilled nurses, therapists, and health aides by their side who work with them in the comfort of their residence. Seniors get a personalized care plan catering to their individual health needs. The care plan could be for rehabilitative or therapeutic services, and the duration of service depends on the seniors’ needs and requirements. 

Types Of Home Health Care Services 

This guide will educate you on different home care services to determine the type of service needed for your senior.

1. Skilled Nursing Service 

It provides special care, which friends and family cannot perform for a person. Nursing service caters to the medical and health needs of the person. With this type of senior care service, all the basic medical needs will be fulfilled and keep your senior safe and healthy at home. This type of service minimizes hospital visits. The skilled nurse delivers services for wound dressing, ostomy care, intravenous therapy, administering medication, monitoring the person’s general health, and other health support. Professional nurses use all resources to ensure that all needs have been fulfilled. 

2. Physical Therapy Service

People in old age find it difficult to move due to limited mobility. It happens because they might be recovering from a surgery, illness, or just because of old age. If your elder is suffering from immobility, you do not need to visit a medical facility to get treatment. Under senior in-home care services, physical therapists can visit your residence to help the person regain mobility as much as possible. The therapy focuses on improving mobility, alleviating pain, preventing falls and injuries. The therapy intends to help the person live independently as much as possible. 

3. Occupational Therapy Service

Occupational therapy promotes independence and self-sufficiency for the person taking therapy. Skilled professionals delivering senior care service visit the home to perform occupational therapy. It helps the person to perform daily activities with much ease. The therapist will look at what the senior can do then teach them different ways to perform daily tasks. The person can prepare food, eat, bathe, dress, and do other household chores with much ease. 

4. Speech Therapy Service

Speech impairment impacts the way a person communicates with others. Getting speech therapy is essential to regain speaking ability and enhance cognitive deficiencies. A speech therapist can help the person by teaching him to speak. Your senior can receive speech therapy in the comfort of the home.     

Give Us A Chance To Help You! 

You need to evaluate all the home health care services to determine the type of assistance your senior requires. If you are looking for a helping to take care of your loved one, consider First Home Health Care, Inc., we provide in-home care services to people who need precise care to live independently. Feel free to contact us.