The shocking effects Alzheimer’s disease can have on an individual and the lives of his loved ones is pretty challenging. The progressive neurological condition unprecedented forces the brain cells to die and shrink, thereby causing damage to a person’s overall social, thinking, and behavioral skills. A person starts to lose their memory and ability to function appropriately in their daily lives. The same happened with Dr. Ljubenkov’s grandfather. The unexpected turn of life’s events turned out to be pretty harsh on him. 

Dr. Ljubenkov was quite devastated and was ultimately forced to study the brain complexities and ended up naming the disease in his grandfather’s honor. He also studied the many benefits investing in elderly care services can offer Alzheimer’s patients. 

How Offering Elderly Care Services To Alzheimer’s Patients Can Help?

The incident of his grandfather’s death from Alzheimer’s disease shocked Dr. Ljubenkov to the core, so he started providing daily care to all individuals diagnosed with dementia. He played the role of a certified nursing assistant and trained his family members with expert tips and tricks on how to care for his grandfather while also shuffling between his undergrad and graduate school. He started enlightening family members of Alzheimer’s patients on the multiple perks of investing in elderly care services

Brain damage and personality changes worsen with time, so elderly care experts can help monitor the symptoms, offer regular checkups, and communicate to lower unnecessary hospital visits. Below are some other benefits that elderly care services can provide to patients with Alzheimer’s or other dementia-related troubles.

1. Help dementia patients follow a well-balanced diet and assist them in meal preparation and planning, thus maintaining their unhealthy eating habits and taking care of their overall well-being. 

2. Offers patients with Alzheimer’s a healthy, warm, and welcoming environment where elderly caregivers can help them clean and perform their daily activities efficiently. 

3. Monitor if patients are taking their medication on time and have no symptoms of decline.

4. Promote healthy living and encourage them to exercise and participate in other physical activities.

5. The elderly care services offer expert and compassionate care to all individuals with Alzheimer’s or other dementia-related diseases. 

Why Was Dr. Ljubenkov Motivated To Start His Career in Neurology?

Soon after, Dr. Ljubenkov shifted and began residing at UC San Diego. Unfortunately, he lost his grandfather, but the loss motivated him to wander in the quest for a cure for Alzheimer’s disease and inspired him to invest in the family always first home health care. The struggles and endurings transformed his pain into a passion for putting an end to Alzheimer’s. Later, he discovered different forms of dementia and how the disease is rooted deep in the patients. 

Besides navigating the early phases of the disease, Dr. Ljubenkov gained insights into the primary and striking causes of Alzheimer’s by taking an active part in different clinical trials. He targeted all his efforts to fight and search for the ideal cure to help people living with the disease sooner. 

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